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Bringing nature into the dining room.

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Bringing nature into the dining room

Flowers create atmosphere in your restaurant

How well the guest feels at a restaurant is largely determined by the chosen decoration. For this reason, it is important for every restaurateur to create an atmosphere of friendliness and welcome.

Of course, there are different ways to give the restaurant a pleasant atmosphere. The interiors and the layout of the rooms are surely connected to each other in order to provide the right style in the guest rooms. The decoration is determined by the type of your business. The use of accessories depends on whether you run a restaurant, café, bar or pub.

The motto must be: Don't exaggerate

Less is more. Most guests will not really feel comfortable in the midst of an overloaded decoration. Keep a clear line in harmony with your facility. Set accents that catch the eye, but don't pave walls and window sills with decorations. The decoration on the tables should also be discreet. If the guests and the service staff no longer know where to put the dishes, it is clearly too much.

Say it with flowers

A beautiful floral decoration is always appreciated. The freshness and the colours of the flowers almost automatically create a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. In order to change the flowers every day, it is not necessarily necessary to visit a flower shop or the local market. Many florists offer a so-called flower subscription, whereby fresh flowers are delivered to the house every day or by appointment.

The only thing left to do is to put the flowers in the right light, i. e. to arrange them. There are different versions of this, and here are a few examples to help you get your bearings:

  • a popular choice of floral decoration is to use them as bouquets for table decorations. The advantage of this is that the shape of the bouquets can be adapted to the tables or other decorations. In addition, they allow additional seasonal elements to be incorporated, such as Christmas tree balls or fir branches.
  • But it can also be enough to put a small vase with a single flower on the tables. Especially with several small tables, for example in a café, the flower is the icing on the cake and the table doesn't seem to be overloaded. Here, too, there are variations in the choice of the colour of the vases and their shape, which can be adapted to the interior design.
  • the bigger the tables, the bigger the tables, the bigger the flower decoration has to be. There should always be a certain proportionality between floral decoration and table size.

Just as on the tables, there should also be no lack of fresh greenery in the form of potted plants in the dining room. They enliven a room and there may also be a few exotic people, whose most interesting form provides topics of conversation.

Final tip: Even if you save time, don't touch plastic flowers. They may look good at first, but that changes quickly and the plastic decorations only look cheap and boring. Investments in real flowers and plants, on the other hand, pay off.

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