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Gastronomy in Hamburg - Fancy and adventurous restaurants.

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Gastronomy in Hamburg - Fancy and adventurous restaurants

Within time Hamburg has earned a very good reputation for it is great gastronomic variety. Connoisseurs and foodies highly value the creativity and finesse of the cuisine and so the city is able to hold its own against other competitors culinary wise. The offer ranges from fresh seafood like the regional “Labskaus” dish to exotic, foreign specialties. A high number of restaurants and bars have settled at the rivers Elbe and Alster and invite to savour and feast. In Hamburg there are some restaurants which stand out due to their gastronomic concept. If you intend to visit the Hanseatic city and are curious about restaurants with a unique experience factor, we warmly recommend the following addresses.

Restaurant “Schwerelos”

No doubts - Schwerelos is an exciting roller coaster restaurant that is very unique. The restaurant provides an all-round experience for any age. The experience starts with ordering your food via a touchscreen device! The rail systems help to serve the food directly to the own table and what is most exciting is that every guest has their own roller coaster! The regional cuisine is very convincing and even the youngest don’t have to miss out. The children's menu includes a bib, spoon and an Alete glass for just 2.50€. The ultimate highlight: An emergency diaper bag is also provided in the Schwerelos! Pure fun for you and your family!

“UnsichtBar” Hamburg (invisible bar)

How about a little thrill? The invisible bar in Hamburg serves dishes and surprise menus in complete darkness. So, the guest doesn't know what's in front of him and can't even see what awaits him. First of all, the visitor chooses the taste of lamb, vegetarian, cheese, fish or poultry and will then be presented a three-or four-course menu (starting at 47€). If the guest wants to be thrown into the cold water, he can of course choose a complete surprise menu (59€). After deciding on the menu, the guest will then be led by a blind or visually impaired service person to the table in the dark, where the feast can be enjoyed in the dark.

Restaurant “east”

The sushi restaurant belongs to the East Hotel and offers an exclusive open show kitchen. It not just provides a great experience but is also very entertaining for the guests. What is also worth mentioning: The Southbend Infrared Grill from the U.S.! The grill tenderly cooks the meat at 800°C and thus provides an astonishing taste. True, the restaurant might not be as cheap but quality is well known to pay off.

Caribbean Restaurant “Roatan”

I bet you have never seen such a fancy and unique restaurant before! Blue walls, colourful fishes, glitter and all kinds of rummage. That's what distinguishes the Restaurant Roatan from other restaurants. The Creole cuisine combines African and European influences. The result are excellent Caribbean specialties such as the parrot fish fillet, the banana yucca chips and the baleadas de frijoles (wheat flour tortillas). Fancy more? At the Roatan you will definitely have be provided with an unforgettable experience!

„Das Feuerschiff LV 13“

You for sure won’t get to see that every day. Excellent dining on a bright red, old lightship at the harbour of Hamburg with a view on the legendary “Elbphilharmonie”? The restaurant "Das Feuerschiff LV 13" makes it possible. The icing on the cake: The fiery musical accompaniment until late at night! The menu includes tasty hanseatic dishes such as the Büsumian crab soup, the Captain's Labskaus and the Hamburger Pannfisch. For those of you with a sweet tooth, the “Hamburger Rote Grütze” will make you crave for more. The cultural program on the ship will round off the evening and if you are tired after dancing, the traditional ship offers sleeping facilities in the cosy cabins. You won't forget this Nordic experience!

The restaurants mentioned are just a few of the many exciting restaurants with a high experience factor in Hamburg. As unique they all might be, there is something provided for each and every one. Have you already tested one of these restaurants and what experiences have you already had with experience gastronomy? Please let us know in the comments!

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