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How to find the right gastronomic property.

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How to find the right gastronomic property

To become a restaurant operator sounds like a big dream, but it is also a lot of work. Until you can finally open the doors for your customers, it is a long to-do list to conquer. In addition to a exceptional, persuasive concept, a solid business plan, and a promising location, not only the necessary small money is necessary. How do I find the perfect location and how do I solve the rent or buy question? You will find in this article what you should look for as a restaurateur in your future second home.

Restaurant, bar or cafe - the location as a base of success

In order to find the location, knowledge about which target group should be approached should have already been acquired in advance. A bar for example should be closer to the city center than a family-friendly café. If your focus is on alcohol, be sure to have good access by public transport. If you prefer to offer food in your restaurant, it is very important that there is sufficient parking in the area.

See if a direct competition with a similar concept in the neighborhood might dispute your position. It would be fatal if you with another hip fastfood restaurant in the area open and nobody is interested in your offer.

Inform yourself precisely in advance about the respective district. What reputation does it have? Who lives there and what needs do its inhabitants have?

In contrast to real estate searches for private living, there are three different options when looking for a gastro-property:

Rent: You are not sure how long you would like to work in the restaurant business or if your budget is maybe a little too tight? Then renting a property can be the right way for you. However, you must take into account that - in contrast to the lease - only the premises can be rented.

Pachten: Do you already know the so-called "Fruchtziehung"? Here you have the possibility, in addition to the premises the inventory for the leased time to take over as well. It can be quite practical and beneficial, for example, when the kitchen, including all its appliances, a cold storage room or even the entire furniture, can be taken over and used for your purposes. But, of course, the most beautiful, brightest and highest-quality wooden tables and chairs are of no use to you if you change to a different concept, such as a medieval restaurant.

Buy: If you are very confident about your business and have a bigger budget, you can also buy a real estate directly. It is therefore all the more important that all purchase criteria are 100% compatible with you and your concept. Adjusts pros and cons and weigh them out. A not unimportant plus is, of course, that you are your own Lord. With the power of authority, you make the decision about the furnishing and furnishing of each individual room.

For those of you who are not yet fully aware of the large real estate jungle, the Internet offers support on orientation and decision making on numerous platforms.

Large and established real estate portals such as or form a good addition to the classic brokers. When it comes to getting personal and tailor-made offers, however, smaller and more target-oriented providers such as have the nose ahead - these explicitly address the wishes of the individual sectors.

Furniture, crockery and decoration - the red thread runs through

Depending on which of the options you choose, you choose your amount of influence in setting up your new location. However, regardless of whether you buy or lease the facility (partial), a few aspects have to be considered:

Your concept: Whether furniture, dishes or decoration - always think about the central thread, which should draw through every single aspect of your large project. Whatever ambience you want to convey, it should be recognizable by every chair, every plate and in the ideal case also every additional piece. Visually less attention, however, must be given to the objects that are behind the scenes.

Durability: Whether you need a counter, furniture, crockery or a refrigerator, you can count on good quality, which promises a long life. Of course, a plate can break or a dishwasher can break down. However, plates should not be leaped at the slightest touch, just as the dishwashing machine should not suffer after 50 or 500 rinses. Do not slack at this point, it will pay off in the long term as a solid start-up investment.

Also with regard to furniture and furnishings, you can access competent help on the Internet. Various service providers provide tips and tricks on their general websites. As a discrete and independent market place in the gastronomy sector, Sebuyo also provides various specialists from its network of partners for establishments.

As in the search for a private home, the search can only be successful after a long time. There are not always and immediately deals, which correspond directly to your ideas and criteria. Helpful tools, which notify you with a suitable advertisement, are gladly seen. The Sebuyo SearchRequest is specialized: it supports you with no effort at all - whenever an interesting object is found on the Sebuyo Marketplace, it will send you a notification.

In any case, plan sufficient time to search for a suitable property. You should be satisfied with your choice and have not given a property to a property just because it was the only one in the planned period.

If you have noticed these points, you have already come a long way closer to your dream gastronomy property.

Do you have difficulties finding a location or have you been successful in your search? How did you succeed? What experiences have you done? Leave your stories in the comments under this article!

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