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Re-equipp a restaurant business? Do the right thing with these 6 tips!.

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Re-equipp a restaurant business? Do the right thing with these 6 tips!

We would like to encourage all those who plan to re-equip a catering establishment to read the following 6 tips for the forthcoming re-equipment of your restaurant business. This work should not be underestimated. In addition to a business plan, which must be drawn up, it is also a matter of obtaining permits for the operation and, last but not least, the planning of new equipment.

#1 Choose the right porcelain

Above all, it depends on whether it has edge impact resistance and resistant surfaces. Such porcelain series, which have a reinforced edge, are particularly resistant to traces of use and are therefore resistant to daily use. The porcelain series must be suitable for microwaves and ovens up to 300° Celsius and must not contain cadmium or lead.

#2 Watch out for the buy-back guarantees that pay off.

Make sure that if a product breaks down, it can be bought again without any problems. Because it is true that crockery or cutlery thrown together makes a very unprofessional impression. At good specialist dealers you can buy glass series for 5 years, furniture for 3 years and porcelain and cutlery series even for 10 years, with a re-purchase guarantee.

#3 Quality instead of quantity in the equipment

You should buy high quality gastro furniture. After all, it is not least important that they also meet the requirements of existing fire protection standards. You must also ask yourself whether the light and colour fastness have been tested and meet the standard. Does the abrasion resistance comply with the standard? Because professional manufacturers make these tests according to the standard. It is also important to know that Gastro furniture is resistant to heavy use, unlike cheaper products intended for home use.

#4 Clothes make the man - the right work clothes

The fourth tip refers to the clothing of the staff. Workwear must be adapted to the ambience and style, both in the kitchen and in the dining room. You can buy these clothes from the professional fashion specialist. Make sure that it is breathable, easy-care and hard-wearing.

#5 Table linen

The fifth piece of advice concerns table linen, where you should pay particular attention to quality. Because it is more advisable to invest more and get hold of valuable products. Professional manufacturers are familiar with the demands of the hotel and gastronomy world, such as an extra finish for table linen against dirt, where spilled liquids simply roll off and dab off. Table linen is easy to find for every occasion and does not necessarily have to be classic white.

#6 Pay attention to style and interplay

Sixth, you should make sure you always have the big picture in mind. Because with professional suppliers you will usually find everything you need on one surface and you can also bring your samples with you. Don't hesitate to ask the expert to help you create an overall picture from the mosaic parts of your equipment. Go to such a shop for a few hours and bring a picture of your object and the floor plan with you.

With this article we hope to have given you some useful hints and tips so that you are well prepared for the next re-equipment. The bottom line is: quality before quantity, durability of the material, foresighted purchasing of the inventory - keyword "post-purchase guarantee" as well as uniformity and concept fidelity are your guiding principles when it comes to equipment. We wish you much success with the next equipment round, a full shop and great guests!

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