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Who wants to be a dish washer? A letter of respect to the phantoms of the kitchen.

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Who wants to be a dish washer? A letter of respect to the phantoms of the kitchen

Every day we come to work in the morning and set up our mise en place until the operation starts. In that time we probably already pushed 30 plates around, touched 50 knives and touched hundreds of glasses.I can understand you. After a little sleep you probably don't have a clear head, but did you notice that all the dishes you touched are clean? It is often forgotten, but in order to have clean cutlery and crockery, today a person has to work for it because many people do not take it seriously or perceive it. If the dishwasher breaks down, you'll have to do it yourself or even have dirty plates or glasses. If a serviceman gets sick, they will probably find ways to replace them faster during the day.

Back then it was always said that if you are not good at school, you become a garbage collector, dishwasher or cleaner. This may have always been frightening at a young age, but today we should respect these people who wash glasses, cutlery and dishes for you every day so that you can work with them. The fact is that we pay too little respect to the dishwasher and the cleaning lady in the company. In some cases they are a one-man army as opposed to the service or kitchen.

Sure, people come to a restaurant for the service and food, but where should the chefs serve their food when everything is dirty? Where should hotel guests sleep when the rooms are not made? The gastronomy consists of teamwork and the team also includes those who probably remain unrecognized most of the time. I'm sure there are people like us who know what we're talking about. But if you don't want to work in the gastronomy or if you plan to work in the gastronomy, you should know that you should respect the dishwashers and cleaners first and foremost, whether as a guest or trainee. The next time you go into your business, just give the dishwasher or cleaner a smile or a "Good Morning" and let them participate in the team.

That's goes to all the dishwashers and cleaners: Thank you very much and respect for doing such an eminently important job every day! Thank you!

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