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Gastro Switzerland.

Switzerland is not only a state with special status within Europe. It is a country that is hardly comparable worldwide. In terms of surface area, however, Switzerland is ranked 136th out of all 195 states recognized under international law. From north to south, Switzerland can be crossed by car in about two and a half hours, including a possible traffic jam.

Nevertheless, the small country still impresses with its great variety of landscapes, economic and cultural diversity. Four official languages are spoken here. In addition to German in the north and east, there are French in the west and Italian in the south. There is also a small language group in the Alps, Rhaeto-Romanic. In terms of landscape, Switzerland is both high alpine, with peaks well over 3000 m above sea level, and Mediterranean in Ticino and rural in the northern foothills of the Alps with Lake Constance and the Rhine, which incidentally originates in Switzerland.

Who invented it? The Swiss

However, Switzerland is also an important industrial location, which gained worldwide fame not only for its watches. Thanks to its excellent infrastructure, the German-speaking metropolis of Zurich is one of the cities with the highest quality of life index and the other regions of the Confederation do not have to hide.

Employees in Switzerland receive a very high salary on average in Europe. Accordingly, the cost of living is also much higher than in other countries. This results in very high prices for beverages and food in the gastronomy sector, which are up to 100 % or even 200 % higher than in Germany, for example, in relation to its northern neighbour. Nevertheless, Swiss guests show themselves to be very keen to spend money, whereby they attach great importance to good quality. The gastronomy in Switzerland, from a snack bar to a star-studded restaurant, is characterised by freshness combined with tradition.

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Sebuyo is for you in Switzerland

Here at Sebuyo you can enter the Swiss gastronomy market. Offers for both the purchase and lease of various gastronomic establishments in the different regions of the country can be found as well as corresponding requests for purchase and rent. We bring together buyers and sellers, tenants and landlords who share the same ideas.

Whether it's a restaurant in Messestadt Basel, a country inn in Schaffhausen am Rheinfall or a lounge in Zurich. The range of different offers is varied and a good utilization of capacity is almost guaranteed with a corresponding concept. Very interesting in this respect are also offers to hand over the business for reasons of age. For example, this offers young people starting out in their careers the opportunity to become self-employed. Due to its proximity to Germany, Northern Switzerland in particular can offer a double special feature, which has a positive effect. On the one hand, a large number of cross-border commuters from the FRG, who like to make use of Switzerland's gastronomic offer, and on the other hand, the cheap shopping facilities in Germany, with VAT being reimbursed.

With Sebuyo you will find buyers, tenants or properties in Switzerland

In terms of real estate prices, Switzerland is undoubtedly one of the top countries in Europe. However, this will be offset by corresponding sales. At the same time, there is a continuous increase in the value of purchased properties, which is partly due to the country's very stable domestic and economic policy. 

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