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Food trends: Petite portions. Small pleasures with great effects!.

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Food trends: Petite portions. Small pleasures with great effects!

Petite Portions are small, tasty dishes which currently enjoy a great popularity among guests. Inspired by sophisticated party snacks, tapas or the street food trend, the introduction of petite portions is especially indispensable at events. The advantage is that they can be served anywhere and correspond to every gastronomic concept, from trendy restaurants and elegant event catering to beer gardens or company canteens. Above all they are visually appealing, which is why they are presented on finger food or snack cards as well as at buffets and further can also be found at the flying buffet served in miniature format.

When it comes to the presentation of the petite portions a corresponding mini tableware in different styles- from noble and stylish, rural and traditional to trendy- is being used. The delicacies are not necessarily only presented on small bowls and plates but can be particularly stylishly served on serving spoons (known from the cooking TV programme "The Taste") or in cast iron mini-cocottes. In addition, the service staff can arrange the portions at the buffet on plates, shelves or pallets or serve them to the guests for selection on the tray. This depends on the wishes of the organizer.

Creativity is needed in order to make the right selection of dishes that best suit this trend. Possible offers could include small Bavarian snack delicacies, fancy slices, Scandinavian fish tapas or soups and sauces from a test tube or salad in a mini swing stopper jar. To best combine and arrange the small delicacies the use of rustic boards, slate plates and serving hatchets are helpful to put the petite portions visually perfect in scene. As an alternative to the classic deep plates, serving bottles also work and give the whole thing a certain kick. These offers will certainly be very well received by your guests and moreover help you to distinguish yourself from possible competitors.

A trend integrated in a trend: The miniature burger

Burgers, whether with meat, cheese, fish or vegetarian are in high demand in gastronomy due to the versatile and easy preparation. The mini burgers, for instance, can be served on a wooden board with salad bowls and a small fry basket for the fries. Moreover, they fit into every gastronomic concept, both in event catering and in a more elegant restaurant. After a meal the guest usually likes to enjoy a sweet snack. That is why a dessert in miniature format is ideal because first of all guests usually do not want to order sumptuous desserts anymore and secondly the customer gets to try a little of each. The question as to whether the small portions are profitable is easy to answer: the small snacks demonstrably increase sales. As a catering entrepreneur or restaurateur, you can use all your creativity and even counteract food waste, because the delicious petites portions, which are served individually, as a trio or as a quartet, are highly demanded by the guests.

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