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Upcoming Food Trends 2019 - Discover new culinary enrichments!.

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Upcoming Food Trends 2019 - Discover new culinary enrichments!

2019 is upon us and so the anticipation of culinary highlights is rising. What was in fashion in 2018, is out in 2019. We are expecting exciting and trendy foods that will make the coming year pretty damn delicious!

There are several food trends to look for in 2019:

1. All Eyes On “Ugly Food”

Supermarkets avoid selling produce that is considered as being ugly. Food companies have been trashing ingredients that are not pretty enough for a long time but a higher number of conscious consumers are following up with the issue of food waste recently. The reality is that consumers are warming up with the idea of miss happened food to be totally edible. People actually start to increasingly pursue sustainable lifestyles meaning that they primarily buy regionally and pay attention to environmentally friendly or fair food production. In fact, guests encourage a targeted purchase and the process of ugly food in restaurants because consumers appreciate gastronomic concepts that deal with the topic of food waste. Gastronomes are not disinclined either in using a bruised product as long as the taste and quality are right. In addition, a restaurant that processes ugly products can advertise with the sustainable concept and consciously differentiate itself from other competitors. Also, several startups, such as “Hungry Harvest” and “Imperfect Produce”, have recognized the importance of reducing food waste thus providing consumers with boxes of bruised vegetables and fruits. That does not just help to maintain functioning waste management but also contributes to protecting the planet. Moreover, ugly foods simply testify authenticity and the freshness of the product.


2. Jackfruit- The New Meat Substitute 

Jackfruit, a native, exotic fruit from Southeast Asia, is being used as a meat substitute that is rich in iron, calcium, B vitamins and low in calories. Vegetarians and vegans especially indulge pulled jackfruit instead of barbecue pulled pork- in 2019 pulled jackfruit will really shoot through the ceiling. More and more vegan restaurants implement the fruit as an integral part of the menu in the shape of jackfruit burgers for instance. One of the pioneers in Hamburg: “Kohldampf” in Barmbek, a cozy burger restaurant of a slightly different kind, offer pulled jackfruit sandwiches next to their menu of pulled pork burgers, sausages, and sweet potato fries. There is nothing wrong with including more vegan and vegetarian dishes in the gastronomic concept due to the fact that the interest of many guests in vegetarian and vegan food is rising. That does not necessarily mean the restaurant has to completely become vegan but it definitely pays off putting some vegan dishes on the menu or offering cappuccino with soy milk.

3. CBD Products- It Is Not What You Are Thinking

Just to be clear: Cannabidiol (CBD) derived from either marijuana or hemp plants is not the stuff that makes you high. It rather has a calming function as it reduces anxiety and insomnia. CBD products will get more attention this year. CBD products that already exist are the CBD-spiked sparkling water from Recess, gummies from Sunday Scaries and Sträva Craft Coffee. Surely, the range will be extended this year.

4. Milkshake IPAs for Craft Beer Fans 

Milkshake IPAs are India Pale Ales brewed with lactose to give the drink a heavier body due to their thick, sweet haze. They are slightly thicker, dingy and almost "milky" beers that have a sweet and fruity taste or a rather spicy taste. More and more brewers are nowadays experimenting with lactose, fruit, spices, and hop additions in many different ways resulting in a variety of smoothies and milkshakes. To attract craft beer fans (and others) you might consider putting IPA milkshakes on the menu as it is prognosticated to be one of the most popular drinks this summer.

5. Red or White Wine? We’ll go for the Orange Wine 

No, the wine is not made of actual oranges. In fact, orange wines are white wines that are being made like red wines; the juice is fermented with the grape skins and is an ancient method of production that originated in Georgia. The pretty orange color reminds of an Aperol Spritz, smells like a mixture of cider and sparkling wine and does actually taste similar to a cider. Although it might not be considered as something new, as it dates back centuries, wine lovers begin to warm up with the fruity, dry and slightly acidic flavor. In the gastronomy sector, the orange wine slowly but steadily finds its place on more and more wine lists because the drink promises a whole new taste experience. If you thought about upgrading the wine card definitely go for the orange wine!

6. Sapote - The (Super) Fruit Which Tastes Like Chocolate 

Enjoying chocolate without regrets seems impossible? Not anymore! Try the Sapote, an exotic fruit from Central America. Not only does the sapote have the same color as chocolate, but it also tastes like chocolate because of its bitter cocoa taste! It can be spooned as a pudding but the flesh is also being used as a spread, in a smoothie or can be added to mueslis. In contrast to the chocolate bar, the flesh of the black sapote contains a lot of vitamin C and fewer calories. However, the exotic fruit from Mexico or Guatemala is not yet available in German supermarkets, therefore, several food blogs suggest to grow the sapote yourself at home.

7. Burgers Made Of Insects? Yum! 

Burger Image: Ikea's Space10 lab created a bug burger, which contains a combination of root vegetables (beets, parsnips, potatoes) and mealworms.Kasper Kristoffersen / Space10 

… Indeed, it might not sound overly delicious but it actually is! Insects such as locusts, crickets, and beetles are increasingly becoming part of the diet as they are a good source of protein, vitamins, and minerals. Moreover, with the input of insect’s, opportunities are offered to ensure the supply of protein to the world's growing population. If you want to try out insect pasta and burgers, few supermarkets already have these products in their range. If insects are officially approved in Germany a higher number of restaurants are likely to include insects in their menus. This could still take a while, as each individual insect species must first be approved.

We have presented several new and fancy trends that we will expect to shoot through the ceiling in 2019. Have you already made some experiences with any of these trends? If not, what would would you like to try out this year? We are looking forward to hearing your opinions, stories and suggestions!

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