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Would you like a drinks menu? That's how it's done!.

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Would you like a drinks menu? That's how it's done!

Today we would like to give you some tips on how to put together the best drinks menu for you. If you offer drinks and food convincingly, you can count on economic success. Many restaurateurs concentrate on the menu and ignore the drinks.

But the beverage menu must be coordinated with the menu and created with great attention to detail. This creates an all-round successful culinary experience for the guests of a restaurant. First of all, the question arises whether you want to integrate the drinks into the menu. The possibilities are many, you can also create a separate drinks menu.

For example, a wine list can be served separately. On the one hand, you can combine the summary into a common map, on the other hand, you can also create this separately. The following criteria are important for this: A seasonally changing wine list is used in upscale restaurants to match the season; this is created and exchanged separately. In case of seasonal variations of the offer, a special beverage or even a separate wine list is recommended. However, if the range of drinks remains the same, you can integrate the drinks into the menu. It is also possible to use a supplement to create seasonal highlights or short-term specials.

However, you will need to focus on the drinks. It is important whether the wine is in the foreground, whether cocktails are served and whether the drinks offered by you convince by a high quality or rather by a low price. Make sure you don't break your style, for example by offering a genuine Coca-Cola, but low-cost soft drinks. Keyword: Brand names. Also with the wines a multicolored mix causes confusion with the guests. Because on the wine list different price categories may stand for the selection, but one must decide either for considerable wines or for a economical beverage portfolio.

The question about the brand can be answered in a Michelin-starred restaurant by the fact that guests expect this and are therefore willing to pay more for it, but are very happy about the cheap variant in a fast food snack. In a bar, for example, you can offer homemade iced tea and delicious cocktails, and in a café you can offer exotic coffee creations. Remember that seasonal offers are often a double-edged sword. The drinks menu requires more effort if it is changed according to the times of day or season. Because in summer more iced tea or a cool cyclist, but in the cold season punch and tea. Furthermore, guests drink more red wine and mulled wine in winter and white or rosé wine in summer. The choice of drinks also depends on the choice of food. In the warm season, more fish, pasta, chicken and vegetables are served with white wine. In winter, red wine goes well with more hearty dishes, game and tomato sauces.

In addition to the seasonal drinks menu, there is also a regional menu. Especially with beer or wine, you can choose from a selection from the respective region, because this variant is cheaper and also, due to the shorter transport routes, more environmentally friendly.

You should choose products that match the image of your concept or shop. An Italian restaurant should have Italian wines in its assortment. If you have a very large selection, you should use renowned wines or recommendations. It is also good to know that wines from the Primitivo or Negroamaro grape can be combined well with various dishes. A Michelin-starred restaurant, on the other hand, should have a larger selection and pay attention to other seals of quality. Here we recommend to include a good wine as the different growing regions in the drinks menu.

Another question that arises is whether the drinks should be specifically adapted to the food or whether it is only a matter of covering as wide a range as possible. It is important that there is a minimum of choice. In any case, non-alcoholic drinks such as various juices, water, spritzers and soft drinks such as cola, orange or lemonade as well as warm drinks such as tea, espresso or latte must be available.

For alcoholic beverages, you should follow the standard of a small selection of beers and wines. Aperitifs, schnapps and cocktails are also available. It is very important that you adapt the drinks to the menu and your concept. For example, no sweet white wine goes well with seafood. But since guests are often unfamiliar with wines, you should include specific recommendations in your menus and train and brief your service staff accordingly. Now we would like to give you some tips on how you can further increase your sales with your drinks menu: Firstly, you should adapt the selection of drinks to the type of restaurant. So a bar has to offer more alcoholic drinks and cocktails. In a café there should be a large assortment of coffee variations, in a restaurant the drinks must be adapted to the food. Another aspect should be the size of the drinks. Larger drinks should be cheaper than smaller ones. You should offer three different sizes, because probably the guests will choose the middle drink and not the cheapest option.

Furthermore, you should choose an appropriate design and attach great importance to a good overview and a meaningful division of the drinks menu, either in landscape or portrait format. Optically this card must correspond to the menu. Also, tables or small table displays on which you place the drinks are a good idea. You should also know which drinks are very popular with guests and which are unique selling points. Possible ideas are a happy hour for cocktails or a fruity punch in winter. You can add an insert to the drinks or menu to underline the product. This insert is especially suitable for seasonal offers, because it does not have to change the menu fundamentally and you as a restaurateur can benefit from the advantages of such highlights through noticeable additional income.

Do you have any additional tips, tips or experiences that you would like to share with other restaurateurs? Then you have the comment function under this article. We are already looking forward to hearing your opinions, stories and tips for the drinks menu in your shop.

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