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Restaurant in Jahnsdorf for rent

Historic country inn "Zur Post" at the foot of the Erzgebirge.

The  "Zur Post" has been owned by the Vogel family since 1874 and has a very varied history with different use among the different political systems. In 1907, the object burned down to the foundation walls and was rebuilt in 1908.

Since 1991, the current owner, of course a "Vogel", has been able to convince the community of 39 heirs as the co-owners of these buildings, which are historically important and architecturally beautiful, should reappear in their former splendor and be returned to their original use as a country inn. Gradually, Mr. Lutz Vogel paid off all the heirs and today he is the sole owner of the property and building together with his wife.

Equipment + condition

  • The building was set up in the year 2000 on the cultural monument site of the State Office for the Preservation of Monuments of the Free State of Saxony. In recent years, the partial restoration of the building has been carried out in painstaking and loving work, in accordance with the requirements of the Stollberg County Conservation Authority.
  • The plot has been newly constructed and has been provided with a retaining wall of the hang-like property by the municipality of Jahnsdorf. The maintenance of this retaining wall is the responsibility of the municipality of Jahnsdorf. By the future operator of the gastronomy could be created the garden terrace.
  • The work has largely been completed. Windows, which mainly consist of the original historical box windows, have already been partly repaired and painted. The doors were renewed according to the historical model.
  • The flooring on the ground floor (restaurant area) consists of oak parquet. The flooring is in good condition but must be sanded and sealed.
  • The rooms are refurbished. The equipment of the kitchen as well as the guest rooms is the responsibility of the tenant. This is taken into account when calculating the rental payment. The rental period should not be less than 5 years.
  • The rooms are not yet finalized, so that details can still be agreed with the future tenant.
  • The kitchen equipment as well as the bar system will be transferred to the landlord's property after 5 years. At this time, a rent increase would also be expected.
  • The  net rent for the gastronomic area is 1,250.00 euros per month. In addition, the advance payments for operating costs is 250.00 euros.
  • Upon completion of the rental agreement, a rental security of EUR 6,250.00 is to be deposited, which can also be granted as a direct and bank guarantee.
  • The rental payments are net without VAT as the landlord has not opted for the input tax.
  • The heating is carried out by means of a gas-turbine heating system. Maintenance is initiated by the landlord and the costs will be debited to the tenant as part of the annual costs.


The Erzgebirge is a low mountain range and forms the natural border between Saxony and Bohemia. The state border between Germany and the Czech Republic runs just north of the ridge line. The highest elevations are the Keilberg with 1,244 m above sea level. NN and the Fichtelberg with 1,215 m above sea level.

Jahnsdorf is situated at the foot of the Erzgebirge between the B 169 in the west, the B 95 in the east and the B 180 in the south, in the Würschnitz valley. The B 169 runs through the district of Pfaffenhain. The railway line Chemnitz - Stollberg runs through the districts Jahnsdorf and Pfaffenhain and is served by the City-Bahn Chemnitz GmbH. The A 72 runs between the Seifersdorf and Pfaffenhain districts and crosses the district of Leukersdorf. This can be reached via the Stollberg-Nord connection, which is about 10 km away. The A 4 runs north of the municipality. The municipality is about 10 km southwest of Chemnitz and 8 km north-east of the district town Stollberg / Erzgebirge. In Jahnsdorf is the airport Chemnitz-Jahnsdorf.

Additional Information

  • The object is offered by us free of charge for the tenant. As a tenant, you do not pay any brokerage fees. 
  • The property is fully developed, water and sewage, gas, electricity, cable TV and internet connection (DSL).
  • If a future owner is interested in the use of an apartment in the house, a 2-room apartment with kitchen and bathroom with a living space of approx. 62 m² can be provided for a monthly net rent of 330,00 Euro. The advance payments on operating costs would be 100.00 euros monthly.
  • The heating of the apartment is also provided by a gas floor heating. Maintenance is initiated by the landlord and the costs will be debited to the tenant as part of the annual accounts.
  • It is not necessary to provide an energy certificate according to EnEV 2014, since the building is a protected monument.
  • All data are given on the basis of data provided by the landlord. We will not accept liability for correctness and / or completeness. Errors and temporary rental are reserved.

Additional Features.


Chemnitzer Straße 82, 09387 Jahnsdorf, Germany.


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