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Restaurant in Attendorn for rent

Stadthallerestaurant Attendorn, Breslauer Str. 40, 57439 Attendorn.

The Stadthallenrestaurant consists of the following rooms:

Ground floor: guest room with dining room (approx. 90 seats), utility kitchen with ancillary rooms, freight elevator

Basement: beer hall, 2 bowling alleys, men's and women's toilets, beer cellar and cellar, ancillary and elevator rooms, 3 corridors, 2 staff rooms with WC and storeroom.

Basement: the entire basement with the exception of the boiler room, the electrical room, the ventilation and storage room and the garage.

Outside facilities: Access to the restaurant with outdoor seating, beer garden with garden shed

Furthermore there is a leaseholder apartment of approx. 113 sqm in the object, the rent for this is 550,-- Euro.

The Stadthalle or a part of the Stadthalle can be rented by the tenant for his own events for a fee.

The Stadthallenrestaurant is fully equipped with small and large inventory, i.e. all guest rooms as well as the business kitchen are inventoried.

The Stadthalle and the Stadthallerestaurant are located in the centre of Attendorn.

We are looking for a competent operator with kitchen experience, who can run the Stadthallenrestaurant and also has no problems with the organisation of small and large events. The Stadthalle currently hosts around 220 city events and around 10 tenant events. The catering of all events must be secured by the tenant. The Stadthallenrestaurant can also be taken over at an earlier date by arrangement.


Breslauer Straße 94, 57439 Attendorn, Germany.

735 EUR
300 m2
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