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Julius Caesar himself gave Belgium (Belgica) its name, although the area of the former Roman province was originally much larger and stretched from the Atlantic coast down to Basel today. Today, the country's territory is a little less extensive, but the Belgians more than make up for it with ingenuity and a good way of life. After all, at least two important things come from the hereditary monarchy in Belgium, without which the lives of many people around the world would be a little less amusing: French fries and comics.

The country, which borders France, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Germany, has a population of around 11 million. As a Benelux country, it is also a founding member of the EU and the capital city of Brussels hosts the European Council and the EU Commission, the two most important bodies in the EU.

Today's Belgium has only existed since 1830, when Belgium separated from the Netherlands and became the second parliamentary monarchy in Europe after England, which it has remained to this day.

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Stay overnight in the Kingdom of Belgium

In total, Belgium has around 1900 hotels and restaurants offering overnight accommodation. Hotels of different classes as well as guesthouses, inns and hostels. The available number of beds is 121,662 and the occupancy rate is 34.8%. However, these figures are hardly to be regarded as current. The official statistics from which they come date back to 2006. Unfortunately, there are no more recent figures.

The situation is similar with regard to gastronomy figures, which are virtually impossible to obtain for the country of Belgium. This is partly due to the relatively strict subdivision into the regions of Flanders and Wallonia, which both have a very high degree of independence and defend it vehemently. Despite the lack of statistics, however, no one in Belgium has to starve or die of thirst. The capital city of Brussels alone is a true gourmet paradise, with its numerous star-studded restaurants and the home-style Belgian cuisine.

Shells and French fries are not everything

The Belgian cuisine is, by international standards, equated with that of the French cousin. Experts of matter confirm this unapologetically. Overall, Belgians and French are very close in their way of life, although Dutch is predominant in the official languages

Belgium is undoubtedly a very interesting investment location in terms of hotels and restaurants. As a core European country, it benefits from increasing visitor figures, but also from rising visitor numbers and a rise in the cost-of-living index. Therefore, look for a suitable property or commercial premises of the hospitality industry in Belgium here at Sebuyo. We bring Europe together where it is most beautiful. Sebuyo, for hotels and restaurants

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