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Digital change has long been making itself felt in many different sectors, including the catering and hospitality industries. Hoteliers and restaurant operators face new challenges. Not only in terms of customer requirements, but also with regard to the company's own infrastructure. Quite a few pessimists have already seen the new digital culture as the end of the catering industry, fired by refrigerators connected to the Internet and video conferences that make business travel superfluous. Reality proves the opposite. According to the Federal Statistical Office, turnover in the hospitality industry has risen by almost 15% in the last five years alone.

Wireless LAN yes, the Internet washing machine rather no

In fact, at least in the Federal Republic of Germany, many an Internet trend has not been well received for a long time, as is generally assumed. One example is the totally networked household, which tempts the occupant to make himself or herself comfortable only on the couch in his or her leisure time. If you take a closer look, you will find that there are hardly any networkable products in the offerings of the device manufacturers, with the exception of the multi-media segment. Too expensive and not enough demand. In the economy, on the other hand, digital products are often used gladly and frequently, but business travel simply cannot be replaced. Negotiating personally eye to eye, that does not work through a webcam. The business dinner in a good restaurant is a ceremony that simply belongs to it, just like the small talk at the snack bar. This does not mean that the digital world is left out of this. No, W-LAN must be fine.

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If the concept is right, gastronomy properties are excellent investments

For this reason, the purchase of gastronomic properties remains an excellent investment. There are currently over 200,000 restaurants and more than 50,000 hotels in Germany that serve as accommodation for overnight guests. Together, these companies generate annual sales of over 83 billion euros.

With such a large number of companies, there are of course correspondingly many properties for sale. There is practically no gastronomic concept to which the right property cannot be found. Germany in particular offers the unbeatable advantage of a very dense and well-functioning infrastructure. Even rather remote objects can be marketed quite well, because mobility is an absolute necessity today. It doesn't necessarily have to be the best downtown location. It is precisely this mobility of people that allows freedom of choice. For the restaurateur or hotelier, this in turn means offering a convincing concept. Of course, precise coordination is necessary to reach the desired target group.

Europe is the paradise of hospitality

There is no shortage of suitable objects, whether in the trendy major cities of Europe such as Berlin, Munich, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Vienna and Zurich or in the more rural areas of the northern lowlands, the low mountain ranges and the Alpine region.

Here on Sebuyo you will find the right gastro object for you and not only that. Sebuyo also offers a wide range of services to help you set up your newly acquired property. With catering equipment and hotel facilities that meet your needs in terms of functionality and size, whether used or new. Here, too, the offerings range from furnishings for the mobile snack bar to large-scale catering.

Sebuyo is your platform for gastronomic objects and products on the Internet. Regional and international. 

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