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Hospitality Real Estate Germany.

Germany is one of the largest European countries and is located in Central Europe. It is divided into 16 federal states, with Berlin, Hamburg and Bremen being so-called city states and representing their own federal states. The German economy is one of the largest in Europe.

In addition to many neighbouring countries, Germany has a very large geographical diversity due to its central location between the North Sea and the Baltic Sea in the north and the Alps in the south.

Due to the central geographical location of the country, different cultures have always had a great influence on the gastronomy in Germany. In addition to the traditional and often regionally different dishes and types of preparation, German cuisine is constantly influenced by culinary trends in Germany or by influences from neighbouring countries and the world, as well as by the diverse and international population itself, and is thus further developed.


Most of the tourists in the country are inland tourists, with Bavaria being one of the federal states that attracts the most foreign visitors. Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, on the other hand, is the state on the Baltic Sea with the highest growth rate in terms of foreign guest numbers.

Tourism in Germany is one of the cornerstones of the economy. The retail trade, service providers and providers of leisure and entertainment services also benefit from this sector. While in the north of the country, the coastal region and the large lakes in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania play an important role and offer many destinations, the mountainous region in the south of the country, in summer and winter, is also a destination for many hikers, winter and active holidaymakers. Germany is also popular for cultural and city trips and with its historic buildings and regions offers a wide and varied range of attractions for all kinds of tourists. Not to be sneezed at are spas in the southwest of the country with its thermal baths and spas, which are well known from antiquity and were built by the Romans and still exist today.

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With over 30 million guests per year, Germany is one of the top 10 most visited countries in the world. This is also reflected in the country's economic relevance. Due to this popularity, Germany is one of the leading countries alongside France when it comes to the hospitality industry. Companies and service providers in the hospitality industry are organised in Germany by the German Association of Hotels and Restaurants (DEHOGA), while some companies in the hotel industry are also organised in the International Hotel Association (IHA).

There are over 220,000 enterprises in the hospitality industry in Germany, and these enterprises can be divided into the accommodation and catering industries:

Facts and figures

Accommodation in Germany

Hotels: 1,130

Hotel garnis: 3.600

Inns: 14.000

Pensions: 5.110

Other: 10,237

Businesses in Germany

Restaurants: 73,360

Cafés: 11,290

Ice cream parlours: 5,590

Snack bars: 32.869

Pubs: 31.100

Discotheques, dance and entertainment venues: 2,040

Bars: 2.110

Caterer/Delivery kitchens/party service: 13.260

Other: 5,530

The hospitality industry in Germany can basically be divided into four branches. In addition to the division into hotels and restaurants, the entertainment area (clubs and dance halls) and the spa and wellness area are also part of the sector.

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