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Austria is an almost sensually beautiful country, as evidenced by two stone figures found during excavations in Lower Austria and the Wachau in the last century. The Venus of Willendorf as well as the Venus of Galgenberg. Both figures were carved out of stone over 30,000 years ago. Even then, the beautiful landscape inspired the population to much more than just hunting and gathering. This has remained until today and the majestic mountains, rivers and lakes as well as the gentle valleys attract the people almost magnetically. Austria is one of the top European destinations for tourism and does not require beach or sea.

A glance at the statistics shows that Austria can easily keep up with the major holiday destinations in Europe. In relation to the population, Austria is even ahead of Spain in terms of hotel density. Only Italy and Croatia have more accommodation facilities.

The reasons for the successful tourism á la Austria are manifold. On the one hand, Austria offers a suitable holiday programme at any time of the year. Starting with the winter sports resorts in the Alps, the summer holiday pleasures in the lower situated communities with their charming landscape and the city breaks. The metropolis of Vienna is of course the number one destination here, but Salzburg and Innsbruck are also on the agenda for many short and long term holidaymakers. Austrian hotels also offer quality holidays. An excellent infrastructure, a varied offer in the hotel itself and not to forget the friendliness and charm of the Austrians. Every guest gets the feeling that he or she is in the centre of attention. An equally important point is the situation of Austria in Europe. Practically all destinations in Austria can be reached by car from the countries of Central Europe. This gives the guest more flexibility in organising their holidays. Of course, public transport is just as well organised with a dense railway network and seamless bus connections. Austria also has 6 international and several regional airports.

In addition to holiday tourism, business travel is of immense importance for the Austrian hotel industry. In Austrian industry there are 160 companies that are world market leaders with their products. In addition, there is a well-organised banking system and other services.

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Austria - international flair with local charm

For the year 2015,20,315 overnight accommodations have been registered in Austria, providing 993,500,000 beds for their guests. The occupancy rate of the 4 and 5-star hotels was around 50 % as of the 2015 / 2016 season. The utilisation of the lower-quality holdings was significantly lower. This proves the guest's demand for high quality in Austrian hotels. The regional leaders in terms of capacity utilisation are Vienna, with an average of 56%, followed by Tyrol, with a winter season of 43%, and Burgenland with 41% in summer.

The lease or purchase of a hotel property in Austria is possible without any problems thanks to the EU membership. In each region, suitable properties are offered, with prices depending on the location and equipment. Seasonally operated companies offer themselves for the winter sports season, but also hotels open all year round, for example in Vienna or Salzburg. Both destinations are among the top cities in Europe in terms of city trips.

Hotel properties Austria

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