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Hotels are booming, both in terms of steadily increasing occupancy rates and in the form of real estate. In the commercial sector, they account for more than 10 % of total sales in Germany in 2016. Hotels rank third in terms of investments, after office buildings and retail properties. It is interesting to note that the proportion of foreign investors in hotel purchases is increasing, as are their returns. This is mainly due to the fact that many investors consider the German hotel market to be undervalued, and that an investment here is therefore very promising.

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Buying a hotel is sometimes a complex matter. While the location and furnishings of a new hotel building are of primary importance, the value of existing hotel complexes is also linked to the history of the hotel. This often results in the attachment of regular customers and their word of mouth. For a hotel, bad news is not free advertising, as in some other industries, but usually has a direct negative effect on occupancy figures. For the guest, the hotel is always a little bit of a temporary home. A good and famous example of this is the Watergate in Washington D. C. Although the hotel itself was not affected by the affair of former US President Richard Nixon, it slipped from crisis to crisis in the following years, was then closed in 2007 and has since been reopened as a luxury hotel. The new hotel managers are not afraid to deal with the 1972 scandal sarcastically and humorously in their own house. After 45 years, most memories fade away.

Nowadays, the rating of a hotel's positive image on the Internet is very important. If you are thinking of buying a hotel, you can certainly use these evaluations to check the existing reputation of the property beforehand. This is also done by many travellers before booking a room, and if there are many negative or positive entries for the offered object, this is shown in the occupancy. A negative image can only be compensated for by low room prices, which often opens a downward spiral.

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Determining the style

Of course, there may also be a certain attraction in acquiring an existing hotel property and giving it a new glamour. The same applies to the option of converting an existing building into a hotel. For example, to design a theme hotel. A trend that is being implemented by more and more hotel owners. These can be differently furnished rooms, each with its own special characteristics, or a building with a special history that serves as the basis for the theme. Certainly, the surroundings of the hotel must also be taken into account when making a purchase, whereby this can also determine the orientation towards the target group. It should not be made the mistake that business travellers are only interested in the purpose of the overnight stay and therefore also accept an impersonal and cold designed hotel, if the situation is right. Whether tourist, business traveller or weekend holiday-maker on a city trip, guests want personality, good service and cleanliness from the hotel.

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