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Hotels for rent.

Renting a hotel instead of buying it can bring some advantages. On the one hand, the lease of a hotel allows for a certain amount of leeway in the conceptual design of the business as well as in the purchase. On the other hand, the freedom to devote oneself to another object remains, for example due to economic changes. 

Especially in the current market, the lease of a hotel has its own appeal, which is reflected in the rising average room prices and occupancy rates throughout Central Europe. With a correspondingly favourable lease agreement, tenants can generate corresponding profits. It is not uncommon for the lessors of hotels to grant favourable conditions in order to keep the business running. For example, when the hotel business is discontinued due to the age of the owner or owners.

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Hotels with emotional heritage

This is where the circumstances come into play that many a hotelier has built up a lifetime's work and no successor is in sight for the corresponding period of time, who will continue to run the business. It is precisely because of the many years of personal commitment that many hotel owners do not want to simply sell their company, because this is also the reason why they want to give up their emotional heritage. Here, a tenant not only has the chance to take over a running and well-established property, but it is also possible to convert the lease contract into a purchase or hire purchase at a later date. Not only in the hotel industry, but also in the entire middle class there is a succession problem. In the hospitality industry, however, this can be solved in such a way that the nonfamily successor gets to know the company through a lease agreement and the owner in turn becomes acquainted with the tenant. If it is foreseeable that the business heritage will be transferred to good hands, further contractual transformations may occur.

In the urban centres of Europe, such as Vienna, Zurich, Luxembourg or Berlin, construction is ongoing. Architectural planning often provides for holistic structures. Today, from a planning point of view, thinking is no longer restricted to one category. In large housing estates, for example, commercial premises are also planned to supply tenants, such as shops or restaurants. In large complexes such as office buildings, hotels can also be included, giving business travellers the opportunity to spend the night in the same place where negotiations are being conducted. Very often these new hotels are offered for rent or rent. Here it is important to consider the difference between rent and lease in the commercial sector. Normally, rent is spoken of when only the premises without furnishings are rented. In case of a lease, the hotel is at least partially furnished. In addition, the landlords or lessors pay great attention to the professional qualifications of the future tenant.

Lease the hotel where it's most beautiful

But not only the big cities offer a good opportunity to rent a hotel. Rural areas are also constantly finding objects that are worthwhile. Particularly in the holiday areas there is usually a good utilisation of capacity, which is by no means limited to certain seasons. The holiday behaviour has changed fundamentally, which benefits the occupancy rate of hotels. The large summer holiday block is increasingly being replaced by smaller and often spontaneous short trips, which is also reflected in the fact that short-haul destinations are favoured. Simply holiday areas in your own country.

We at Sebuyo will make you an unbeatable offer. Find with us your hotel for rent or to rent in the German-speaking countries, beyond borders, where you like it best.  

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