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Hotels for sale Hamburg.

Germany's second largest city has always had a magnetic effect on people due to its geographical and strategically favourable location. Whether in the heyday of the Gründerzeit, during the Hanseatic League, the era of industrialisation or even into the present day. The influx of different people and cultures made tourism in Hamburg an important economic factor.

In Hamburg, many well-known traditional houses such as the Hotel Atlantic Kempinski, the Fairmont Hotel Vierjahreszeiten, the Grand Elysée, Louis C. Jacobs and many others have their location. New and smaller hotels, theme apartments, youth hostels, B&B establishments and other lodging establishments complete the hotel landscape in the Hanseatic city.

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The constant urban development and current urban events and progress in the city, such as the construction of HafenCity, the Elbphilharmonie concert hall and the city's overall attractiveness, ensure that hotel properties in Hamburg are scarce and that the hotel industry sets new records. Hamburg is more than just an excellent location for a hotel or other accommodation facility. Unfortunately, it is not easy to find a hotel property or a free hotel in this city. The increasing interest in buying such a hotel business in Hamburg from year to year makes for a competitive market. A hotelier, restaurateur or investor from abroad also have Hamburg on their list as a destination.

For a hotelier it is extremely lucrative to buy a hotel property in Hamburg and run a hotel business, if you assume that a hotel property can be bought or a hotel business can be taken over. If you are one of the hoteliers who buy a hotel in Hamburg, then you are one big step closer to opening your own hotel. For restaurateurs and hoteliers of smaller calibres, other types of accommodation in and around Hamburg are also possible, the guest audience is very diverse in Hamburg. Therefore, hoteliers should check their concept to see if it works and has potential even in a small scale.

Are you advanced in your planning and actively looking for possibilities to buy a hotel in Hamburg? In any case, please take a look at our stock of hotel properties and hotels in Hamburg or simply send us a search request.

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