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Hotels for sale Lower Saxony.

Some hoteliers would like to buy a hotel in Lower Saxony, because for example you have a concept for a wellness hotel on the North Sea coast of Lower Saxony, together with an Asian-Friesian cuisine with ayurvedic influences. Other hoteliers would like to open a hotel for visitors of trade fairs, congresses and cultural events and are looking for a suitable hotel location in Hannover. There are also medium and small family businesses that are founded to open a pension for dog owners in the Lüneburger Heide, for example, and are therefore looking for a suitable hotel property or an existing pension in this region. But investors from Germany and abroad are also looking for hotel properties in Lower Saxony on the market, as such properties are currently very popular with investors.

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Before a purchase, conversion or new construction of a hotel property in Lower Saxony can take place, some things have to be checked and done beforehand. One of the most important questions are, of course,: Can I even afford a hotel property in Lower Saxony? How much hotel property can I afford in Lower Saxony? These two questions should be asked and answered right from the start. In this way, misconceptions are recognized early on and this saves time, money and nerves. It should also be noted that the pure acquisition costs for a hotel property in Lower Saxony only represent part of the costs, as there are additional costs for the purchase of a hotel in Lower Saxony. These include taxes, notary fees, fees for registration in the land register, etc.

Once the costs have been calculated and included in the business plan, the search for a hotel or hotel property in Lower Saxony can begin. There are many roads to Rome. By hiring a broker you will incur additional costs, but if you start your own search, you can save these costs. There are large real estate portals on which basically every kind of real estate is offered or portals that specialise in the hospitality industry, such as Sebuyo, which exclusively offers businesses and real estate for the catering and hotel trade. Here you can even conduct a search for a suitable hotel property across national borders. In any case, please take a look at our stock of hotel properties and hotels in Niedersachsen or simply give us a search order to find the right location.

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