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Switzerland is almost inevitably a country with a very distinct hotel industry. On the one hand, there are several important passes in the Swiss Alps that connect Central and Southern Europe. Even the ancient Romans used the paths through the mountains and let themselves be led by locals. Even then, there were already simple overnight accommodations, the first precursors of modern hotels. Today, the crossing of the Alps by modern expressways only takes about two hours, but Switzerland does not only boast an excellent transport infrastructure. On the other hand, the country of the Swiss Confederates has one of the most stable economic systems in the world and a very strong currency. In addition, there is the well-known Swiss neutrality, which has made it a respected industrial and banking location. Apart from that, Switzerland has a wonderful and varied landscape. Green hills and gentle valleys in the north and northeast of German-speaking Switzerland. Alpine high mountains in Valais and Graubünden. French flair in the west and southern Italian tranquillity in Ticino, in southern Switzerland.

This unique combination makes Switzerland a very popular holiday destination, with the season playing a minor role. This is due to the combination of business and holiday tourism. Interestingly, this interplay shows that the number of overnight stays among business travellers is more stable than among holidaymakers, whose arrival is significantly more dependent on economic factors.

Switzerland has an annual number of about 44 million overnight stays. Of these, almost 20 million are Swiss, which means that every Swiss stays in the hotel more than twice a year. Among the foreign guests, Germany leads with 740 thousand overnight stays, followed by the USA with 572 thousand, the Gulf States with 388 thousand and 4th by China with 358 thousand overnight stays. The guests from the Middle Kingdom are a kind of high-flyer and are very likely to overlap the Gulf States in terms of overnight stays next year. In total, the 5055 Swiss hotels and overnight accomodation establishments with 273,510 beds generated sales of CHF 16 billion in 2015.

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Switzerland - rich and beautiful at the same time

Switzerland is a very expensive country, both in terms of the cost of living and in terms of real estate and labour costs. This is reflected accordingly in the overnight accommodation prices, whereby guests can expect a high level of accommodation in a Swiss hotel. In Switzerland there are 92 hotels in the 5-star category. 462 hotels are 4 stars and 903 establishments have been awarded 3 stars.

The most popular overnight accommodation regions are Zurich, Graubünden, Lucerne, Valais, Geneva, Basel, Ticino and eastern Switzerland.

In each of these areas, hotels are available for rent or purchase. It should not be forgotten, of course, that Switzerland is a four-language country. German is only spoken in northern and eastern Switzerland, i. e. in the greater Zurich, Basel, Basle and Thurgau regions with the Lake Constance region. The investment costs are high thanks to corresponding real estate and land prices, but the profit margins are also high with a corresponding concept. If you speak fluent French or Italian, you can of course also choose the French-speaking French-speaking part of Switzerland with Geneva or the Italian-speaking part of Ticino as the seat of the new hotel.

Here at Sebuyo you will find a hotel to buy or rent, no matter in which region of Switzerland. Of course, we offer you as a platform for catering facilities other establishments all over Europe.   

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