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Gastronomy real estate Luxembourg.

It is the second smallest country in Europe, with only the island state of Malta having less land area. But Luxembourg is a beautiful and very rich country. In terms of gross domestic product, Luxembourg was even the richest country in the world in 2016. The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is located in the heart of Europe and borders France to the south, Belgium to the west and Germany to the east. Luxembourg is the heart or brain of the EU. This is where the EU's administrative headquarters are located, as well as the EU Court of Justice and other European Union institutions.

The country of Luxembourg is dominated by the capital of the same name. Nearly one fifth of the 576 thousand inhabitants live in Luxembourg city. In the north, part of the landscape belongs to the Ardennes and is characterized by wooded hills and low mountains. In the more populous south, the land is flatter and characterized by cultivation. The country's gastronomy and hotel trade is also a good characteristic.

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Food and sleeping like the Count of Luxembourg

It is actually a duke who presides over the monarchy and parliamentary democracy of Luxembourg. However, it all began in 963, when Count Siegfried I founded the county of Luxembourg. In 1354 was then founded by Emperor Charles IV. from the county of a duchy. In this duchy there are currently 232 hotels with a total of 7601 beds. Especially in the capital city there are a number of luxury hotels in the 4 and 5 star category. In the countryside, various golf resorts with adjoining hotels are located in beautiful countryside.

With 2545 restaurants and catering establishments, Luxembourg has a very high density in this category in relation to its population. Once again, the capital city is the benchmark of all things, with many speciality restaurants whose menus are dominated by the surrounding three countries. But also the high proportion of international guests is clearly noticeable in the gastronomy. However, this does not prevent Luxembourgers from offering their own creations. For example, the stewed rabbit in chocolate sauce. What sounds like it takes getting used to is in reality a very tasty dish.

The "small castle" in the middle of Europe

Lucilinburhuc, with this tongue twister, translated as "little castle", began the history of Luxembourg, an amazing country which shows that true size does not necessarily have to do with geographical expansion. The duchy is one of the founders of Europe and an excellent example of the peaceful coexistence of nations.

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