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Restaurants for rent Germany.

More than 72,000 restaurants are listed in DEHOGA's statistics for Germany. A certain proportion of this is put out to tender for rent. Basically, leasing differs from leasing in the form that is usually only rented out the premises or the building, but not the inventory. In the case of a lease, however, at least part of the facility exists. Very often, however, both terms are used, although most of them are leases. But actually,"renting" a restaurant in Germany means renting vacant commercial premises for the purpose of running a restaurant.

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Is it worth renting?

Of course, it is basically easier for both parties, tenants and landlords, especially in the case of a restaurant, if existing inventory is taken over, i.e. a lease.

On the other hand, a tenant can better implement his own concept in empty rooms. Very often, restaurants are rented when they are part of a larger newly constructed building, such as a residential complex. Sometimes such lettings are put out to tender at an early stage and the future tenant can contribute his ideas to the construction planning. As a rule, tenants of such projects are subject to corresponding technical and financial requirements. This guarantees the landlord proper operation of the restaurant. In addition, breweries are often involved, which finance the dispensing system and the outdoor advertising, for example, and receive a beer supply contract in return.

Especially for first tenants of such objects it can be worthwhile, because by the absence of the inventory favourable conditions can be negotiated. If the lease expires at some point in the future, the inventory financed by the first tenant can be sold to the next tenant.

What is important when renting a restaurant?

For the reasons mentioned above, a tenant initially has higher financial expenses than a tenant. It must therefore be carefully examined whether the investments are worthwhile. This includes the question of whether the planned concept corresponds to the target group of the location. Other questions concern the purchasing power of potential customers and the number of residents. The same applies to the question of temporary customers and whether external management is possible. But before all these questions can be answered, a suitable object must be found. The easiest way to do this is to visit Sebuyo, your marketplace for gastronomy and hospitality on the Internet. 

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