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Switzerland is beautiful. The landscape is very varied, linguistically divided into four regions and equipped with one of the world's best infrastructures. But Switzerland is also a high-priced country. Appropriate capital is required for investments. However, this increased capital expenditure is worthwhile because the return on investment is just as high.

Both the average income and the cost of living in Switzerland are considerably higher than for example that of its northern neighbour Germany. There are also differences in income taxation. Young workers are taxed less than older participants in the labour market. The idea behind this is to support the performance of young people and not to slow them down. This is evident, among other things, in the very high density of single-family homes. While in Germany, only about 30 % of households are housed in their own homes, the proportion in Switzerland is 57 %. Switzerland is a country heavily frequented by tourism on the one hand, and on the other, the Swiss themselves are very keen to travel. Good prospects for hoteliers and caterers.

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There are no restrictions on the acquisition of real estate in Switzerland for foreigners, whether commercial or private. On the contrary, above a certain amount of investment, even the very lengthy and complex Swiss naturalisation procedure is simplified. Hotels of all price ranges and categories are offered in all regions of the Confederation. Of course, the objects in the tourist and economic strongholds are of particular interest here. These include, for example, Ticino and Graubünden in the tourism sector, as well as Zurich and Geneva in the category of business and industry. Of course, investment projects in Switzerland should always take into account that there are four national languages. Italian is spoken in Ticino, French in Geneva and Rhaeto-Romansh in Grisons. Zurich, however, is German-speaking, although the Swiss dialect has its own hurdles. Buying a hotel is always a good investment, provided you are in the right location. The average occupancy rate is over 50%. Currently, there are about 3000 classified and affiliated hotels on the Swiss market. Another 2000 or so houses are also known as hotels, but they can be assigned to the usual German names of guesthouse or inn.

Gastronomy in Switzerland

In principle, the quality standards of Swiss guests in the gastronomy sector are very high. Even in the rather disreputable districts of Zurich's old town, there are quite rustic pubs, but they leave nothing to be desired in terms of service, cleanliness and quality. This also includes the training of the service personnel and the owner's qualification. But the effort to invest in a gastronomic object pays off. The menu and beverage prices are very high, whereby investors in German-speaking Switzerland in particular can benefit from the proximity of Germany. For example, at least some of the food and beverages can be purchased in the much cheaper German shops and the German VAT on the purchase is reimbursed at the customs crossing. An example: a bottle of good Chardonnay costs about 9 Euro in the German wine trade. In a Zurich restaurant, around 60 Swiss francs, about 55 euros, are charged for this service. It's worth it.

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